Russian word of the day: Опростоволоситься

Jan 26, 2018



Verb , imperfective

to blunder, to make a blunder / gaffe / howler


  • Тебе́ сто́ит отрепети́ровать речь, е́сли ты не хо́чешь опростоволо́ситься.

    tee-byé stó-eet at-ree-pee-tée-ra-vat' ryech, yés-lee ty nye hó-chesh a-pra-sta-va-ló-see-tsa

    You should rehearse the speech if you do not want to mess up.

  • Я немно́го опростоволо́силась, перепу́тав его́ и́мя.

    ya nee-mnó-ga a-pra-sta-va-ló-see-las', pee-ree-pú-taf ye-vó ée-mya

    I looked rather silly when I got his name wrong.

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Same stem words

в́олос [vó-las] Noun , plural - во́лосы
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Related words and phrases

враспло́х [vrasp-lóh] Adverb
unawares, unexpectedly, by surprise
поголо́вно [pa-ga-lóv-na] Adverb
all without exception
объеде́ние [ab-yee-dyé-nee-ye] Noun
delicious, out of this world
самоу́чка [sa-ma-úch-ka] Noun , masculine or feminine
self-taught person

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