Russian word of the day: Оплошать

Nov 08, 2018



Verb , perfective

to make a mistake, to fail, to blunder


  • Смотри́ не оплоша́й, мы на тебя́ наде́емся!

    smat-trée nye ap-la-sháî, my na tee-byá na-dyé-eem-sya

    Do not fail, we rely on you!

  • Мы вчера́ реа́льно оплоша́ли.

    my fchee-rá ree-ál'-na ap-la-shá-lee

    We really blundered yesterday.

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Related words and phrases

ко́рточки [kór-tach-kee] Noun , used only in combinations
position of squatting/crouching
зла́чный [zlách-nyî] Adjective
(place) of carouse and debauchery, bawdy (place)
зано́за [za-nó-za] Noun
splinter; (about a person) pain in the neck, nag
ухитри́ться [u-heet-rée-tsa] Verb
to contrive, to manage

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