Russian word of the day: Огромный

Feb 19, 2019

How to say 

"Huge" in Russian




huge, vast, enormous, tremendous


  • На за́днем дворе́ до́ма рос огро́мный столе́тний дуб.

    na zád-nyem dva-ryé dó-ma ros ag-róm-nyî dup

    A huge 100-year-old oak tree grew in the back yard of the house.

  • Кни́га произвела́ на меня́ огро́мное впечатле́ние.

    knée-ga pra-eez-vee-lá na mee-nyá ag-róm-na-ye fpee-cheet-lýe-nee-ye

    The book made a huge impression on me.

Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "огромн".

  • На него́ ока́зывается огро́мное давле́ние со стороны́ вла́стных структу́р.

    na nee-vó a-ká-zy-va-ee-tsa ag-róm-na-ye dav-lyé-nee-ye sa sta-ra-ný vlást-nyh struk-túr

    He is under tremendous pressure from the authorities.

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уда́ча [u-dá-cha] Noun
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ра́зный [ráz-nyî] Adjective
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кста́ти [kstá-tee] Adverb
by the way; to the point (or purpose), appositely
глу́пый [glú-pyi] Adjective
foolish, silly, stupid
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