Russian word of the day: Нынешний

May 15, 2018




present, this, actual, today's


  • По ны́нешним времена́м сто рубле́й э́то не де́ньги.

    pa ný-neesh-neem vree-mee-nám, sto rub-lyéî é-ta nye dyén'-gee

    These days, a hundred rubles is not money.

  • Ны́нешняя молодёжь не представля́ет себе́, как жи́лось до интерне́та.

    ný-neesh-nya-ya ma-la-dyósh nye pree-stav-lyá-eet see-byé, kak zhee-lós' da een-ter-né-ta

    Today's youth can not imagine how the life was before the Internet.

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Same stem words

ны́нче [nýn-che] Adjective , variation - "ны́не"
today, nowadays

Related words and phrases

потора́пливаться [pa-ta-ráp-lee-va-tsa] Verb
to make haste, to hurry
понаро́шку [pa-na-rósh-ku] Adverb , variation - "понаро́шке"
for fun, pretending, in pretence
обрусе́ть [ab-ru-syét'] Verb
become russified / russianized
отстава́ть [at-sta-vát'] Verb
to lag behind, to be behind
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