Russian word of the day: Нынче

May 13, 2017

How to say 

"Nowadays" in Russian



Adjective , variation - "ны́не"

today, nowadays

Learn Russian Step by Step


  • Почём ны́нче арбу́зы?

    pa-chóm nýn-che ar-bú-zy

    How much are watermelons these days?

  • Дорого́е э́то ны́нче удово́льствие!

    da-ra-gó-ye é-ta nýn-che u-da-vól'st-vee-ye

    It's an expensive pleasure these days!

Same stem words

ны́нешний [ný-neesh-neeî ] Adjective
present, this, actual, today's

Related words and phrases

обы́чно [a-bých-na] Adverb
usually; normally, ordinarily
високо́сный год [vee-sa-kós-nyî got] Phrase
leap year
вре́мя [vryé-mya] Noun
тому́ наза́д [ta-mú na-zát] Phrase

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