Russian phrase of the day: Ну ты даешь

May 24, 2017

ну ты даёшь

nu ty da-yósh

Phrase , variation - "ну вы даёте"

expresses surprise with someone


  • Ну ты даёшь! Я так не уме́ю.

    nu ty da-yósh! ya tak nye u-myé-yu

    Wow man! I can't do what you are doing.

  • Ну вы даёте, вас все обыска́лись уже́, а вы тут прохлажда́етесь!

    nu vy da-yó-tye, vas vsye a-bys-ká-lees' u-zhé, a vy tut prah-lazh-dá-ee-tyes'

    What kind of people are you? Everybody is looking for you everywhere, and you are here enjoying yourself!

Related words and phrases

чуть не [chut' nye] Phrase
nearly, almost
ска́жешь то́же [ská-zhesh tó-zhe] Phrase
~ you must be kidding! what are you talking about? not at all!
и и́же с ни́ми [ee ée-zhe s née-mee] Phrase
and of their ilk, and others like them
про запа́с [pro za-pás] Phrase
in store / reserve, for future use

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