Russian word of the day: Нет

Aug 04, 2019

How to say 

"No" in Russian


  • Хо́чешь ко́фе? - Нет, спаси́бо.

    hó-cheesh' kó-fye? - nyet, spa-sée-ba

    Would you like some coffee? - No thanks.

  • Вопро́сы есть? - Нет.

    va-pró-sy yest'? - nyet

    Any questions? (Lit.: Is there questions?) - No.

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Related words and phrases

мно́го [mnó-ga] Adverb
many, much, a lot, plenty
хоте́ть [ha-tyét'] Verb
to want
де́ло [dyé-la] Noun
matter, duty, concern, business, case, situation, act, deed
дава́ть [da-vát'] Verb
to give
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