Russian phrase of the day: Ни фига

May 16, 2018

ни фига́

nee fee-gá


completely nothing, not a thing (slang)


  • Она́ ни фи́га не понима́ет в те́хнике.

    a-ná nee fee-gá nye pa-nee-má-eet v tyéh-nee-kye

    She does not understand a thing in technology.

  • Я ни фи́га не успева́ю!

    ya nee fee-gá nye us-pee-vá-yu

    I have no time for anything!

Related words and phrases

устака́ниться [us-ta-ká-nee-tsa] Verb
to settle down (slang)
прико́льно [pree-kól'-na] Adverb
cool, nice, fun, funny, interesting
наду́ть [na-dút'] Verb
to inflate; (slang) to fool, to trick, to cheat
закругля́ться [za-kru-glyá-tsa] Verb
to round off, to curve; (slang) to wrap it up, to call it a day

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