Russian word of the day: Новобрачные

Jun 12, 2019

How to say 

"Newly-weds" in Russian



Noun , plural

newly-weds, newly-married


  • В э́том оте́ле есть осо́бенные номера́ для новобра́чных.

    v é-tam a-té-lye yest' a-só-been-ny-ye na-mee-rá dlya na-va-brách-nyh

    This hotel has special rooms for newly-weds.

  • Новобра́чные бы́ли на седьмо́м не́бе от сча́стья.

    na-va-brách-ny-ye bý-lee na seed'-móm nyé-bye at schást'-ya

    The newly-weds were super happy (on the seventh heaven from happiness).

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Same stem words

брак [brak] Noun
marriage; flaw, defect, defective articles / goods

Related words and phrases

влюби́ться [vlyu-bée-tsa] Verb
to fall in love
обнима́ться [ab-nee-má-tsa] Verb
to hug one another, to embrace
поцелу́й [pa-tsee-lúî] Noun
жени́х [zhe-néeh] Noun
fiance, bridegroom, suiter, admirer

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