Russian phrase of the day: Не за что

Sep 11, 2018

не за что

nye za chto


don't mention it, no problem


  • Спаси́бо большо́е. - Да не́ за что, пустяки́.

    spa-sée-ba bal'-shó-ye. - da nye za chto, pus-tee-kée

    Thank you so much. - Don't mention it, these are small things.

  • Спаси́бо. - Не́ за что, ра́да помо́чь.

    spa-sée-ba. - nye za chto, rá-da pa-móch'

    Thank you. - Don't mention it, I'm happy to help.

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Related words and phrases

прия́тно познако́миться [pree-yát-na paz-na-kó-mee-tsa] Phrase
nice to meet you
коне́чно [ka-nyéch-na] Adjective
of course, sure
за́нято [zá-nee-ta] Adverb
busy, occupied
до́брое у́тро [dób-ra-ye út-ra] Phrase
good morning

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