Russian phrase of the day: Не ахти

Apr 19, 2018

не ахти́

nye ah-tée


nothing special, so-so


  • Так себе́ кино́, не ахти́.

    tak see-byé kee-nó, nye ah-tée

    The movie is so-so, nothing special.

  • Пого́да сего́дня не ахти́ кака́я.

    pa-gó-da see-vód-nya nye ah-tée ka-ká-ya

    The weather today is nothing special.

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из рук вон пло́хо [eez ruk von pló-ha] Phrase
quite wretched(ly), bad as bad could be
то́же мне [tó-zhe mnye] Phrase
~ that's not ... (expresses disapproval in relation to something or someone, lit. - also to me)
ну и ну [nu ee nu] Phrase
(expresses surprise, possibly disapproval)
так де́ло не пойдёт [tak dyé-la nye paî-dyót] Phrase
that won't do; this way we won't go far
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