Russian word of the day: Наслаждаться

Apr 29, 2018

How to say 

"Enjoy" in Russian



Verb , imperfective

to enjoy, to relish, to delight, to revel


  • Она́ наслажда́лась и му́зыкой, и прия́тной компа́нией.

    a-ná nas-lazh-dá-las' ee mú-sy-kaî, ee pree-yát-naî kam-pá-nee-yeî

    She was enjoying both music and a pleasant company.

  • Он наслажда́лся ти́хой семе́йной жи́знью.

    on nas-lazh-dál-sya tée-haî see-myéî-naî zhéezn'-yu

    He was enjoying a quiet family life.

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Related words and phrases

доса́да [da-sá-da] Noun , feminine
vexation, disappointment
скуча́ть [sku-chát'] Verb , imperfective
to be bored, to have a tedious time; (по кому-то) to long (for), to miss
ра́доваться [rá-da-va-tsa] Verb , imperfective
to be happy, to rejoice
разочарова́ние [ra-za-chee-ra-vá-nee-ye] Noun , neuter
disappointment, disillusionment

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