Russian phrase of the day: Наряжать елку

Dec 28, 2017

наряжа́ть ёлку

na-ree-zhát' yól-ku


to decorate a Christmas tree

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  • Наряжа́ть ёлку всем вме́сте - на́ша семе́йная тради́ция.

    na-ree-zhát' yól-ku fsyem vmyés-tye ná-sha see-myéî-na-ya tra-dée-tsee-ya

    To decorate a Christmas tree together is our family tradition.

  • А вы зна́ете, отку́да пошла́ тради́ция наряжа́ть ёлку на но́вый год?

    a vy zná-ee-tye, at-kú-da pash-lá trá-dee-tsee-ya na-ree-zhát' yól-ku na nó-vyî got

    Do you know where the tradition of decorating a Christmas tree for the new year came from?

Related words and phrases

но́вый год [nó-vyî got] Phrase
New Year
снегови́к [snee-ga-véek] Noun
дед Mоро́з [dyed ma-róz] Phrase
Ded Moroz (Russian Santa Claus - Grandfather Frost)
ёлка [yól-ka] Noun
firtree, New Year's/Christmas tree

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