Russian word of the day: Наличные

Feb 16, 2018

How to say 

"Cash" in Russian



Noun , plural



  • Вы бу́дете плати́ть нали́чными и́ли по ка́рте?

    vy bú-dee-tye pla-téet' na-léech-ny-mee ée-lee pa kár-tye

    Will you pay in cash or by a card?

  • У меня́ нет с собо́й нали́чных.

    u mee-nyá nyet s sa-bóî na-léech-nyh

    I do not have any cash with me.

Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "наличн".

  • Он оплати́л все поку́пки нали́чными.

    on a-pla-téel fsye pa-kúp-kee na-léech-ny-mee

    He paid all purchases in cash.

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Related words and phrases

чек [chyek] Noun
receit, check
купи́ть [ku-péet'] Verb
to buy, to purchase
сто́ить [stó-eet'] Verb
to cost; to be worth
ка́сса [kás-sa] Noun
cash desk, cashier's desk, cash register
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