Russian phrase of the day: На цыпочках

Aug 17, 2018

How to say 

"On tiptoe" in Russian

на цы́почках

na tsý-pach-kah


on tiptoe


  • Она́ на цы́почках вы́шла из ко́мнаты, где спал малы́ш.

    a-ná na tsý-pach-kah výsh-la ees kóm-na-ty, gdye spal ma-lýsh

    She tiptoed out of the room where the baby was sleeping.

  • Иди́ на цы́почках, тут гря́зно.

    ee-dée na tsý-pach-kah, tut gryáz-na

    Walk on tiptoes, it's dirty here.

Related words and phrases

нарасхва́т [na-ras-hvát] Adverb
~ like hot cakes, in great demand
опеча́тка [a-pee-chát-ka] Noun
misprint, typo
тарато́рить [ta-ra-tó-reet'] Verb
to talk very fast, to gabble
объеде́ние [ab-yee-dyé-nee-ye] Noun
delicious, out of this world
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