Russian word of the day: Мужчина

Jul 18, 2018

How to say 

"Man" in Russian



Noun , masculine

Plural - мужчи́ны

man, male


  • У него́ есть все ка́чества, кото́рые же́нщина хоте́ла бы ви́деть в мужчи́не.

    u nee-vó yest' vsye ká-cheest-va, ka-tó-ry-ye zhén-schee-na ha-tyé-la by vée-dyet' v mu-schée-nye

    He has all the qualities that a woman would like to see in a man.

  • Вы не ви́дели здесь мужчи́ну в се́ром пальто́?

    vy nye vée-dee-lee zdyes' mu-schée-nu v syé-ram pal'-tó

    Have you seen a man in a gray coat here?

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Related words and phrases

необходи́мо [nee-ap-ha-dée-ma]
(it's a) must, needed
уста́ть [us-tát'] Verb , perfective
to get tired
сложи́ть [sla-zhéet'] Verb , perfective
to add up, to sum up; to fold; to pack, to stack up; to put together
сказа́ть [ska-zát'] Verb , perfective
to say, to tell

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