Russian word of the day: Молодец

Dec 24, 2018



Noun , masculine and feminine

Plural - молодцы́

attaboy!, attagirl!; well done!


  • Молоде́ц, так держа́ть!

    ma-la-dyéts, tak deer-zhát'

    Well done, keep it up!

  • Молодцы́, ребя́та, мы ва́ми горди́мся!

    ma-lad-tsý, ree-byá-ta, my vá-mee gar-déem-sya

    Well done, guys, we are proud of you!

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Related words and phrases

пла́кса [plák-sa] Noun , masculine or feminine
копу́ша [ka-pú-sha] Noun , masculine or feminine
slowpoke, dawdler
болту́н [bal-tún] Noun , masculine , feminine - "болту́нья"
talker, chatterer, gasbag, windbag, chatterbox
жа́дина [zhá-dee-na] Noun
greedy person

2 thoughts on “Молодец

  1. Fernando Pinto da Silva says:

    Hey Valeria. for everybody and particularly for you, MERRY CHRISMAS. I’m enjoying very much the Russification school. I’m studying hard.

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