Russian word of the day: Молния

Sep 21, 2018



Noun , feminine

Plural - мо́лнии

lightning; zipper


  • В э́то де́рево уда́рила мо́лния.

    v é-ta dyé-ree-va u-dá-ree-la mól-nee-ya

    This tree was struck by lightning.

  • Застегни́ мо́лнию на ко́фте.

    zas-teeg-née mól-nee-yu na kóf-tye

    Close the zipper on the jacket.

Related words and phrases

шири́нка [shee-réen-ka] Noun
fly (on the pants)
сви́тер [svée-ter] Noun
sweater, pullover, slip-over
шо́рты [shór-ty] Noun
джи́нсы [dzhéen-sy] Noun
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