Russian word of the day: Молча

Sep 01, 2018




silently, in silence, without a word


  • Они́ мо́лча смотре́ли друг на дру́га.

    a-née mól-cha smat-ryé-lee druk na drú-ga

    They were looking at each other in silence.

  • Он мо́лча встал и вы́шел из ко́мнаты.

    on mól-cha fstal ee vý-shel eez kóm-na-ty

    He stood up in silence and left the room.

Same stem words

молча́ть [mal-chat'] Verb , imperfective
to be / to keep / to remain silent
по умолча́нию [pa u-mal-chá-nee-yu] Phrase
by default
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Related words and phrases

ми́мо [mée-ma] Preposition
past, by; wide of the mark
помаха́ть [pa-ma-hát'] Verb , perfective
to wave
бесце́нный [byes-tsén-nyi] Adjective
поплати́ться [pa-pla-tée-tsa] Verb
to pay for something one has done

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