Russian word of the day: Много

Nov 09, 2017



many, much, a lot, plenty


  • Сего́дня на у́лице мно́го люде́й.

    see-vód-nya na ú-lee-tse mnó-ga lyu-dyéî

    There are many people on the street today.

  • Он мно́го чита́ет.

    on mnó-ga chee-tá-eet

    He reads a lot.

Same stem words

умно́жить [um-nó-zheet'] Verb , perfective
to multiply
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Related words and phrases

челове́к [chee-la-vyék] Noun , masculine
person, man, human being, individual
большо́й [bal'-shóî] Adjective
big, large
друг [druk] Noun , masculine
когда́ [kag-dá] , or conjunction

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