Russian word of the day: Мир

Aug 07, 2018

How to say 

"Peace" in Russian



Noun , masculine

Plural - миры́

world; peace


  • Мир те́сен.

    meer tyé-syen

    The world is small.

  • По́сле сто́льких лет войны́, сюда́ наконе́ц-то пришёл долгожда́нный мир.

    pós-lye stól'-keeh lyet vaî-ný, syu-dá na-ka-nyéts-ta pree-shól dal-gazh-dán-nyî meer

    After so many years of war, the long-awaited peace finally came here.

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Same stem words

помири́ться [pa-mee-rée-tsa] Verb
to make it up, to make peace, to become reconciled
мири́ться [mee-rée-tsa] Verb
to make it up, to make peace, to become reconciled; to accept, to bear with

Related words and phrases

ошиба́ться [a-shee-bá-tsa] Verb
to be mistaken, to make mistakes
мечта́ [meech-tá] Noun
dream, daydream, reverie
брать [brat'] Verb
to take
запо́мнить [za-póm-neet'] Verb
to memorize, to remember

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