Russian word of the day: Громко

Oct 28, 2019

How to say 

"Loudly" in Russian




loud, loudly


  • В его́ ко́мнате гро́мко игра́ла му́зыка.

    v ye-vó kóm-na-tye gróm-ka eeg-rá-la mú-zy-ka

    Music played loudly in his room.

  • Он гро́мко разгова́ривал по телефо́ну.

    on gróm-ka raz-ga-vá-ree-val pa tee-lee-fó-nu

    He was talking loudly on the phone.

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до́брый день [dób-ryî dyen'] Phrase
good afternoon, good day, hello
нельзя́ [neel'-zyá] Predicate noun
not allowed, one cannot, one should not
ти́хо [tée-ha] Adverb
quietly, softly, gently, silently; slowly
осторо́жно [as-ta-rózh-na] Adverb
carefully, cautiously; with care!; be careful!; watch out!
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