Russian word of the day: Лишний

Apr 10, 2017

How to say 

"Spare / Odd" in Russian




excess, redundant; spare, odd, left over


  • У тебя́ не найдётся ли́шней ру́чки?

    u tee-byá nye nai-dyó-tsa léesh-nyei rúch-kee

    Do you happen to have an extra pen?

  • Смотри́ не сболтни́ ли́шнее.

    smat-rée nye sbalt-née léesh-nye-ye

    Make sure you don't say too much (what you are not supposed to).

Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "лишн".

  • У тебя́ случа́йно нет ли́шней ру́чки?

    u tee-byá slu-chái-na nyet leesh-nyei rúch-kee

    Do you happen to have an extra pen?

Related words and phrases

по-ру́сски [pa-rús-kee] Phrase
in Russian
кста́ти [kstá-tee] Adverb
by the way; to the point (or purpose), appositely
пить [peet'] Verb
to drink
встреча́ться [vstree-chá-tsa] Verb
to meet, to see, to date (somebody)
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