Russian word of the day: Крик

Apr 03, 2019



Noun , masculine

Plural - кри́ки

cry, shout, bawl; yell, scream; outcry, shouting, clamour


  • Послы́шался крик о по́мощи.

    pas-lý-shal-sya kreek a pó-ma-schee

    We heard (there was) a cry for help.

  • Она́ прислу́шивалась к кри́ку пролета́ющих птиц.

    a-ná prees-lú-shee-va-las' k krée-ku pra-lee-tá-yu-scheeh pteets

    She was listening to the cry of the flying by birds.

Same stem words

крича́ть [kree-chát'] Verb , imperfective
to scream, to shout, to yell
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Related words and phrases

писк [peesk] Noun , masculine
squeak, peep, chirp, cheep
свист [sveest] Noun , masculine
whistling, whistle (sound)
шёпот [shó-pat] Noun , masculine
свисте́ть [svees-tyét'] Verb , imperfective
to whistle

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