Russian word of the day: Красный

Apr 23, 2017

How to say 

"Red" in Russian






  • Ей подари́ли большо́й буке́т кра́сных тюльпа́нов.

    yei pa-da-rée-lee bal'-shói bu-kyét krás-nyh tyul'-pa-naf

    She was given a large bouquet of red tulips.

  • Пара́д проходи́л на Кра́сной пло́щади.

    pa-rád pra-ha-déel na krás-nai pló-scha-dee

    The parade was held on Red Square.

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Same stem words

краси́вый [kra-sée-vyî] Adjective
beautiful, handsome, good-looking
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Related words and phrases

голубо́й [ga-lu-bói] Adjective
blue, pale blue
ора́нжевый [a-rán-zhe-vyi] Adjective
orange (color)
се́рый [syé-ryi] Adjective
gray, dull
бле́дный [blyéd-nyi] Adjective
pale, pallid, insipid, colourless

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