Russian word of the day: Кишеть

Oct 22, 2017



Verb , imperfective

to throng, to teem, to swarm, to crawl with


  • Подва́л в э́том до́ме киши́т кры́сами и бог зна́ет чем ещё.

    pad-vál v é-tam dó-mye kee-shéet krý-sa-mee ee boh zná-eet chem ee-schó

    The basement in this house is full of rats and god knows what else.

  • Весе́нние у́лицы кише́ли людьми́, обра́довавшимися теплу́ и со́лнцу.

    vee-syén-nee-ye ú-lee-tsy kee-shé-lee lyud'-mee, ab-rá-da-vav-shee-mee-sya teep-lú ee són-tsu

    The spring streets were swarming with people embracing the warmth and the sun.

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Related words and phrases

ны́нешний [ný-neesh-neeî ] Adjective
present, this, actual, today's
са́нки [sán-kee] Noun , plural
поступа́ться [pas-tu-pá-tsa] Verb , imperfective
to renounce, to give up, to forgo, to waive
вкусня́тина [fkus-nyá-tee-na] Noun , feminine
it's delicious, yummy, tasty

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