Russian word of the day: Кеды

Jul 02, 2019

How to say 

"Keds" in Russian



Noun , plural

keds, plimsolls, gym-shoes, trainers


  • Он обожа́ет ке́ды и но́сит их да́же с деловы́м костю́мом.

    on a-ba-zhá-eet kyé-dy ee nó-eet eeh dá-zhe c dee-la-vým kas-tyú-mam

    He loves keds and wears them even with a business suit.

  • Профе́ссор пришёл в трениро́вочном костю́ме и в ке́дах.

    pra-fyé-sar pree-shól f tree-nee ró-vach-nam kas-tyú-mye ee kyé-dah

    The professor came in a tracksuit and trainers.

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шу́ба [shú-ba] Noun
fur coat
сви́тер [svée-ter] Noun
sweater, pullover, slip-over
пухови́к [pu-ha-véek] Noun
duck-down jacket
джи́нсы [dzhéen-sy] Noun
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