Russian word of the day: Каша

Jun 01, 2018



Noun , feminine

porridge, gruel, (cooked) cereal; (figurative) mess, jumble


  • На за́втрак он ест овся́ную ка́шу с оре́хами и фру́ктами.

    na závt-rak on yest af-syá-nu-yu ká-shu s a-ryé-ha-mee ee frúk-ta-mee

    For breakfast, he eats oatmeal with nuts and fruits.

  • У него́ в голове́ сплошна́я ка́ша.

    u nee-vó v ga-la-vyé splash-na-ya ká-sha

    His mind is a total mess.

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Related words and phrases

бутербро́д [bu-teer-brót] Noun , masculine
sandwich, bread with something on top
квас [kvas] Noun , masculine
kvass, traditional Russian soft drink made of bread
хлеб [hlyep] Noun , masculine
простоква́ша [pras-ta-kvá-sha] Noun , feminine
curdled milk, clabber, sour clotted milk

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