Russian word of the day: Календарь

Jun 26, 2018



Noun , masculine



  • На календаре́ март, а вы ещё ёлку не вы́кинули!

    na ka-leen-da-ryé mart, a vy ye-schyó yól-ku nye vý-kee-nu-lee

    It's March on the calendar, and you have not thrown out the Christmas tree yet!

  • На стене́ висе́л отрывно́й календа́рь.

    na stee-nyé vee-syél at-ryv-nóî ka-leen-dár'

    A loose-leaf calendar was hung on the wall.

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Related words and phrases

те́ма [tyé-ma] Noun , feminine
theme, topic, subject
дива́н [dee-ván] Noun , masculine
divan, sofa, couch
суперма́ркет [su-pyer-már-kyét] Noun , masculine
план [plan] Noun , masculine
plan, map, blueprint

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