Russian word of the day: Обалдеть

Jan 31, 2020
[ a-bal-dyét' ]

Verb , perfective

Imperfective - обалдева́ть

(informal) to go out of one's mind, to lose one's wits; to be stunned; to get shocked
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  • Мы слегка́ обалде́ли от его́ на́глости.

    my sleeg-ká a-bal-dyé-lee at ye-vó nág-las-tee

    We got a bit shocked by his impudence.

  • Впервы́е побыва́в на их конце́рте, я про́сто обалде́л от восто́рга.

    vpeer-vý-ye pa-by-váf na eeh ka-tsér-tye, a pró-sta a-bal-dyél at vas-tór-ga

    After having visited their concert for the first time, I was simply stunned.

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