Russian word of the day: Неизгладимый

Sep 18, 2019




indelible, ineffaceable


  • Карти́на произвела́ на него́ неизглади́мое впечатле́ние.

    kar-tée-na pra-eez-vee-lá na nee-vó nee-eez-gla-dée-ma-ye fpee-cheet-lýe-nee-ye

    The painting has made an indelible impression on him.

  • Э́то происше́ствие оста́вило неизглади́мый след в его́ жи́зни и повлия́ло на его́ дальне́йшую карье́ру.

    é-ta pra-ee-shést-vee-ye as-tá-vee-la nee-eez-gla-dée-myî slyet v ye-vó zhéez-nee ee pa-vlee-yá-la na ye-vó dal'-nyé-shu-yu kar'-yé-ru

    This incident has left an indelible mark on his life and influenced his future career.

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Same stem words

погла́дить [pa-glá-deet'] Verb
to pat, to caress; to iron
гла́дить [glá-deet'] Verb
to pat, to caress; to iron
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Related words and phrases

предвеща́ть [pryed-vee-schát'] Verb
to forebode, to presage, to betoken, to foreshadow
на цы́почках [na tsý-pach-kah] Phrase
on tiptoe
зря [zrya] Adverb
in vain, to no purpose, (all) for nothing
слыть [slyt'] Verb
to have the reputation for, to be said / reputed / known
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