Russian phrase of the day: Играть в снежки

Nov 05, 2018

игра́ть в снежки́

eeg-rát' f sneesh-kée


to have a snowball fight


  • Но́чью вы́пало мно́го сне́га, так что весь день де́ти игра́ли в снежки́.

    nóch'-yu vý-pa-la mnó-ga snyé-ga, tak chto ves' dyen' dyé-tee eeg-rá-lee f sneesh-kée

    There was a big snowfall last night, so the kids were having snowball fights all day long.

  • Пошли́ игра́ть в снежки́?

    pash-lée eeg-rát' f sneesh-kée

    Let's go have a snowball fight?

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Related words and phrases

ску́чный [skuch-nýî] Adjective
boring, dull
доста́ть [das-tát'] Verb , perfective
to reach, to touch; to take out; to get; (slang) to bring somebody to a very irritated state
сговори́ться [sga-va-rée-tsa] Verb , perfective
to agree to do something, to conspire, to plot
ве́рить [vyé-reet'] Verb , imperfective
to believe, to trust

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