Russian word of the day: Идти

Dec 12, 2017

How to say 

"To go / To walk" in Russian



Noun , imperfective

to go, to walk


  • Он шёл им навстре́чу.

    on shol eem navst-ryé-chu

    He was walking toward them.

  • Иди́те за мной.

    ee-dée-tye za mnoî

    Follow me.

Related words and phrases

бежа́ть [bee-zhát'] Verb , unidirectional
to run, to be running
бе́гать [byé-gat'] Verb
to run
пла́вать [plá-vat'] Verb
to swim, to float
таска́ть [tas-kat'] Verb
to carry, to drug, to pull; to wear

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