Russian word of the day: Холодильник

Feb 01, 2019



Noun , masculine

Plural - холоди́льники



  • Положи́ ку́рицу в холоди́льник, а говя́дину в морози́лку.

    pa-la-zhée kú-ree-tsu v ha-la-déel'-neek, a ga-vyá-dee-nu v ma-ra-zéel-ku

    Put the chicken in the fridge and the beef in the freezer.

  • Доста́нь, пожа́луйста, ке́тчуп из холоди́льника.

    das-tán', pa-zhá-lus-ta, kyét-chup eez ha-la-déel'-nee-ka

    Get the ketchup from the fridge, please.

Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "холодильник".

  • Мы купи́ли но́вый холоди́льник.

    my ku-pée-lee nó-vyî ha-la-déel'-neek

    We bought a new refrigerator.

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Same stem words

хо́лодно [hó-lad-na] Adverb
it is cold, coldly
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Related words and phrases

антресо́ль [ant-ree-sól'] Noun , feminine
entresol (flooring under the ceiling used to store things)
потоло́к [pa-ta-lók] Noun , masculine
розе́тка [ra-zyét-ka] Noun , feminine
socket, wall outlet
пол [pol] Noun , masculine

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