Russian word of the day: Наушники

Jul 07, 2019

How to say 

"Headphones" in Russian



Noun , plural

headphones, earphones


  • Она́ сиде́ла в нау́шниках и не слы́шала происходя́щего вокру́г.

    a-ná see-dyé-la v na-úsh-nee-kah ee nye slý-sha-la pra-ees-ha-dyá-schee-va vak-rúk

    She was sitting in the headphones and did not hear what was happening around.

  • В нау́шниках игра́ла прия́тная му́зыка.

    v na-úsh-nee-kah eeg-rá-la pree-yát-na-ya mú-zy-ka

    Nice music played in the headphones.

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Same stem words

уша́стый [u-shás-tyi] Adjective
у́хо [ú-ha] Noun

Related words and phrases

по пути́ [pa pu-tée] Phrase
on the way, in passing; the same direction
наду́ть [na-dút'] Verb
to inflate; (slang) to fool, to trick, to cheat
симпати́чный [seem-pa-téech-nyî] Adjective
pretty, handsome, likable, attractive
просыпа́ться [pra-sy-pá-tsa] Verb
to wake up
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