Russian word of the day: Полдничать

Mar 18, 2020
[ póld-nee-chat' ]

Verb , imperfective

to have an afternoon snack (poldnik)


  • Обы́чно мы не по́лдничаем.

    a-bých-na my nye póld-nee-chee-eem

    Usually we do not have an afternoon snack.

  • Пока́ го́сти по́лдничали, хозя́йка до́ма расска́зывала о ме́стных тради́циях.

    pa-ká gós-tee póld-nee-chee-lee, ha-zyáî-ka dó-ma ras-ká-zy-va-la a myést-nyh tra-dée-tsee-yah

    While the guests were having a snack, the hostess talked about local traditions.

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Same stem words

по́лдник [póld-neek] Noun
afternoon snack

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