Russian phrase of the day: С днем рождения

Dec 23, 2018

How to say 

"Happy birthday" in Russian

с днём рожде́ния

s dnyom razh-dyé-nee-ya


happy birthday


  • Поздравля́ю с днём рожде́ния!

    pazd-rav-lyá-yu s dnyom razh-dyé-nee-ya

    Happy Birthday! (Lit. - I congratulate you with your birthday!)

  • С днём рожде́ния тебя́! Всего́ са́мого наилу́чшего!

    s dnyom razh-dyé-nee-ya tee-byá! fsee-vó sá-ma-va na-ee-lúch-shee-va

    Happy Birthday to you! All the best! (informal)

Useful information

As you see in the examples, you can say "Happy Birthday" in Russian in a few ways. The first, long one, is:

- Поздравля́ю с днём рожде́ния!

Using the words "поздравля́ю c" (I congratulate you with), you can congratulate people on any occasion. For example:

- Поздравля́ю с рожде́нием ребёнка!
- I congratulate you with the birth of your baby!

The second, short way of saying "Happy Birthday" in Russian is simply without the word "поздравля́ю":

- C днём рожде́ния!

And again, you can use this construction for any occasion:

- С новосе́льем!
- (I congratulate you) With a new home!

In all those cases you can add "you" in the sentence, if you wish. It would be "тебя́" for informal situations, and "вас" for formal ones. If you include "поздравля́ю" in your sentence, "you" comes right after it. Otherwise, add it at the very end. For example:

- Поздравля́ю тебя́ с днём рожде́ния!

- C днём рожде́ния вас!

Pay attention, that everything that comes after the preposition "c" in this case, should be in the Instrumental case (поздравля́ть с чем? с днём рождения, с новосе́льем etc.)

Related words and phrases

годовщи́на [ga-daf-schée-na] Noun
чо́каться [chó-ka-tsa] Verb
to clink (glasses)
наря́дный [na-ryád-nyî] Adjective
well-dressed, stylish, smart
пра́здновать [prázd-na-vat'] Verb
to celebrate
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