Russian word of the day: Гулять

Feb 11, 2017



Verb , imperfective

Perfective - погуля́ть

to go for a walk, to walk, to stroll, to be outside


  • Пойдём гуля́ть?

    pai-dyóm gu-lyát'

    Let's go for a walk?

  • Де́ти гуля́ют на у́лице.

    dyé-tee gu-lyá-yut na ú-lee-tse

    The kids are playing outside.

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Same stem words

отгу́л [at-gúl] Noun
leave of absence, compensatory leave, overtime leave, day off
прогу́ливаться [pra-gú-lee-va-tsa] Verb
to walk, to stroll, to go for a walk/a stroll
прогу́ливать [pra-gu-lee-vat'] Verb
to miss, to skip (classes or work)

Related words and phrases

встава́ть [fstavát'] Verb
to stand up, to get up, to rise; to be up
необходи́мо [nee-ap-ha-dée-ma]
(it's a) must, needed
зе́ркало [zyér-ka-la] Noun
вопро́с [vap-rós] Noun
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