Russian word of the day: Гроза

Sep 25, 2018

How to say 

"Thunderstorm" in Russian



Noun , feminine

Plural - гро́зы


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  • Вот-во́т начнётся гроза́.

    vot-vot nach-nyó-tsa gra-zá

    A thunderstorm is about to begin.

  • И́з-за грозы́ интерне́т едва́ по́лзает.

    eez-za gra-zý een-ter-nét yed-vá pól-za-eet

    Because of the thunderstorm, the Internet is barely working.

Useful information

"Интернет едва ползает" is a slang expression, literally translated as "the internet is barely crawling".

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со́лнце [són-tse] Noun
се́верное сия́ние [syé-veer-na-ye see-yá-nee-ye] Phrase
northern lights, Aurora Borealis
лёд [lyot] Noun
смерка́ться [smeer-ká-tsa] Verb
to grow dusky

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