Russian phrase of the day: До свидания

Mar 29, 2019

How to say 

"Goodbye" in Russian

до свида́ния

da svee-dá-nee-ya




  • Нам пора́, всем до свида́ния!

    nam pa-rá, fsyem da svee-dá-nee-ya

    We have to go, goodbye everyone!

  • До свида́ния, уви́димся на сле́дующей неде́ле!

    da svee-dá-nee-ya, u-vée-deem-sya na slyé-du-yu-schyeî nee-dyé-lye

    Goodbye, see you next week!

Useful information

ДО СВИДАНИЯ is a formal way to say "goodbye" in Russian. If you are talking with your friends or children, you can say "paka" which means "bye" in Russian.

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споко́йной но́чи [spa-kóî-naî nó-chee] Phrase
good night! (lit. - quiet night!, said before going to bed)
ско́лько [skól'-ka] Pronoun , interrogative
how many, how much
до́брый день [dób-ryî dyen'] Phrase
good afternoon, good day, hello
приве́т [pree-vyét] Interjection
hello, hi
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