Russian phrase of the day: Добрый вечер

Aug 09, 2019

How to say 

"Good evening" in Russian

до́брый ве́чер

dób-ryî vyé-chyer


good evening


  • До́брый ве́чер, как ва́ши дела́?

    dób-ryî vyé-chyer, kak vá-shee dee-lá

    Good evening! How are you?

  • Всем до́брый ве́чер, мы начина́ем наш конце́рт!

    fsyem dób-ryî vyé-chyer, my na-chee-ná-eem nash kan-tsért

    Good evening everyone, we are starting our concert!

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Related words and phrases

до́брый день [dób-ryî dyen'] Phrase
good afternoon, good day, hello
ти́хо [tée-ha] Adverb
quietly, softly, gently, silently; slowly
добро́ пожа́ловать [dab-ró pa-zhá-la-vat'] Phrase
спаси́бо [spa-sée-ba] Particle
thanks, thank you
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