Russian word of the day: Головокружение

May 22, 2018

How to say 

"Dizziness" in Russian



Noun , neuter

giddiness, dizziness; vertigo


  • Побо́чной реа́кцией органи́зма на лека́рство мо́жет быть головокруже́ние и тошнота́.

    pa-bóch-naî ree-ák-tsee-yeî ar-ga-néez-ma na lee-kárst-va mó-zheet byt' ga-la-va-kru-zhé-nee-ye ee tash-na-tá

    As a side effect of the drug you can feel dizziness and nausea.

  • Вы чу́вствуете головокруже́ние?

    vy chúst-vu-ee-tye ga-la-va-kru-zhé-nee-ye

    Do you feel dizzy?

Same stem words

голова́ [ga-la-vá] Noun , feminine
поголо́вно [pa-ga-lóv-na] Adverb
all without exception
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Related words and phrases

просту́да [pras-tú-da] Noun , feminine
cold, chill
боле́ть [ba-lyét'] Verb , imperfective
to be sick / ill; to hurt, to ache
реце́пт [ree-tsept] Noun , masculine
recipe; prescription
заболе́ть [za-ba-lyét'] Verb , perfective
to get sick; to start hurting/aching

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