Russian word of the day: Расстраиваться

Mar 11, 2020
[ rast-rá-ee-va-tsa ]

Verb , imperfective

Perfective - расстро́иться (see below)

to get upset; to be out of tune (musical instruments); to fall apart (plans, etc.)


  • Она́ всегда́ о́чень расстра́ивается, когда́ прои́грывает.

    a-ná fseeg-dá ó-cheen' rast-rá-ee-va-ee-tsa, kag-dá pra-éeg-ry-vá-eet

    She is always very upset when she loses.

  • Не на́до расстра́иваться и́з-за де́нег, они́ прихо́дят и ухо́дят.

    nye ná-da rast-rá-ee-va-tsa eez-za dyé-nyek, a-neé pree-hó-dyat ee u-hó-dyat

    No need to be upset about the money, it comes and goes.

Russian Pod 101

The perfective aspect

[ ra-stró-ee-tsa ]
to get upset; to be out of tune (about musical instruments); to fall to the ground (about plans)

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2 thoughts on “Расстраиваться

  1. Beth Rosenschein says:

    Thank you for the daily Russian email. I enjoy it and I love learning new words.
    One small correction: when you translate the Russian word for money into English, you need to switch from plural to singular. Money in English is “ It“ not “they.”

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