Russian word of the day: Хрупкий

Apr 30, 2019

How to say 

"Fragile / brittle" in Russian




fragile, brittle

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  • Осторо́жно, э́то о́чень хру́пкое!

    as-ta-rózh-na, é-ta ó-cheen' hrúp-ka-ye

    Ba careful, it is very fragile!

  • Он пошёл по хру́пкому льду и провали́лся.

    on pa-shól pa hrúp-ka-mu l'du ee pra-va-léel-sya

    He went over the fragile ice and fell through.

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Related words and phrases

высо́кий [vy-só-keeî] Adjective
high, tall
ма́ленький [má-leen'-keeî] Adjective
little, small
ни́зкий [néez-keeî] Adjective
low, short
твёрдый [tvyór-dyî] Adjective
hard, solid, rigid, firm
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