Russian word of the day: Флиртовать

Oct 15, 2018



Verb , imperfective

Perfective - пофлиртова́ть

to flirt


  • Его́ люби́мым заня́тием бы́ло флиртова́ть с хоро́шенькими де́вушками.

    ye-vó lyu-bée-mym za-nyá-tee-yem bý-la fleer-ta-vát' s ha-ró-sheen'-kee-mee dyé-vush-ka-mee

    His favorite pastime was flirting with pretty girls.

  • Они́ флиртова́ли у всех на глаза́х.

    a-née fleer-ta-vá-lee u fsyeh na gla-záh

    They flirted in front of everyone.

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Related words and phrases

полюби́ть [pa-lyu-béet'] Verb , perfective
to fall in love, to grow fond of, to come to like
па́рень [pá-ryen'] Noun , masculine
guy, fellow; boyfriend
влюбля́ться [vlyu-blyá-tsa] Verb , imperfective
to fall in love
ревни́вый [reev-née-vyî] Adjective

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