Russian word of the day: Ездить

Jan 03, 2018



Verb , imperfective

to go (by vehicle), to drive, to ride


  • Ей нра́вится е́здить верхо́м.

    yeî nrá-vee-tsa yéz-deet' veer-hóm

    She likes horse riding.

  • На выходны́х мы е́здили в Ни́жний Но́вгород.

    na vy-had-nýh my yéz-dee-lee v néezh-neeî nóv-ga-rat

    On the weekend we went to Nizhny Novgorod.

Russian bonus for today

Same stem words

по́езд [pó-eest] Noun , masculine , plural - поезда́
переезжа́ть [pye-rye-yez-zhát'] Verb , imperfective
to move, to relocate
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Related words and phrases

тащи́ть [ta-schéet'] Verb , imperfective
to drag, to lug, to pull, to carry
бе́гать [byé-gat'] Verb , imperfective
to run
ходи́ть [ha-déet'] Verb , imperfective
to walk, to go
лете́ть [lee-tyét'] Verb , imperfective
to fly

3 thoughts on “Ездить

  1. I didn’t understand this word – верхо́м – so looked it up. It meant “on horseback.” The example would have been much clearer with that word translated. Just “riding” can mean riding anything – evidently, you meant on horseback, but the reader has to figure that out.

    • PS: I just wrote the comment about horseback – that meaning kind of conflicts with the definition initially given, so the definition perhaps needs revision to reflect that it can mean horseback?? Not sure, finding this a bit confusing.

      • Learn Russian Daily says:

        Hello Karen,

        Thank you for the comment and for noticing the inaccuracy in translation. It’s horse riding, of course.

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