Russian word of the day: Ехать

Apr 04, 2018



Verb , imperfective

to drive, to ride, to go (by vehicle)


  • За́втра я е́ду в Москву́.

    závt-ra ya yé-du v mask-vú

    Tomorrow I am going to Moscow.

  • Он е́хал на велосипе́де по тротуа́ру.

    on yé-hal na vee-la-see-pyé-dye pa tra-tu-á-ru

    He rode a bicycle along the sidewalk.

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Same stem words

подъе́зд [pad-yézd] Noun
entrance to the building, porch, staircase
проездно́й [pra-eezd-nóî] Noun
transit/commutation ticket/card (usually monthy)
по́езд [pó-eest] Noun , plural - поезда́
е́здить [yéz-deet'] Verb
to go (by vehicle), to drive, to ride
переезжа́ть [pye-rye-yez-zhát'] Verb
to move, to relocate

Related words and phrases

бежа́ть [bee-zhát'] Verb , unidirectional
to run, to be running
идти [eed-tée] Noun
to go, to walk
ходи́ть [ha-déet'] Verb
to walk, to go
бе́гать [byé-gat'] Verb
to run
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