Russian word of the day: Дружить

Mar 30, 2018

How to say 

"To be friends" in Russian



Verb , imperfective

to be friends


  • Они́ дружи́ли с де́тства.

    a-née dru-zhée-lee s dyéts-tva

    They were friends from childhood.

  • Он не дру́жит с голово́й.

    on nye drú-zheet s ga-la-vóî

    He is crazy. (He is not on friendly terms with his head.)

Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "друж".

  • Их свя́зывала кре́пкая дру́жба.

    eeh svyá-zy-va-la kryép-ka-ya drúzh-ba

    They were connected by a strong friendship.

  • У неё дружелю́бный и весёлый нрав.

    u nee-yó dru-zhee-lyúb-nyî ee vee-syó-lyî nraf

    She has a friendly and cheerful personality.

  • В хорово́де всегда́ проявля́ется чу́вство едине́ния и дру́жбы.

    f ha-ra-vó-dye fseeg-dá pra-eev-lyá-ee-tsa chúst-va ye-dee-nyé-nee-ya ee drúzh-by

    In khorovod, there is always a sense of unity and friendship.

  • На́ша дру́жба начала́сь два го́да наза́д.

    ná-sha drúzh-ba na-cha-lás' dva gó-da na-zát

    Our friendship started 2 years ago.

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Same stem words

подру́га [pa-droú-ga] Nom
подру́га [pa-drú-ga] Noun
(girl / female) friend
друг [druk] Noun
дру́жба [drúzh-ba] Sustantivo
дру́жба [drúzhba] Noun
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Related words and phrases

вре́дничать [vryéd-nee-chat'] Verb
to act in spite, contrary to somebody's interests or desires
посту́пок [pas-tú-pak] Noun , plural - посту́пки
act, deed, action
дру́жба [drúzhba] Noun
издева́ться [eez-dye-vát'-sya] Verb
to jeer, to scoff, to mock, to bully, to taunt
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