Russian word of the day: Друг

Feb 03, 2018

How to say 

"Friend" in Russian



Noun , masculine

Plural - друзья́



  • У меня́ друг сего́дня же́нится.

    u mee-nyá druk see-vód-nya zhé-nee-tsa

    My friend is getting married today.

  • У него́ бы́ло мно́го друзе́й.

    u nee-vó bý-la mnó-ga dru-zyéî

    He had many friends.

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Same stem words

подру́га [pa-drú-ga] Noun
(girl / female) friend
дружи́ть [dru-zhéet'] Verb
to be friends
дру́жба [drúzhba] Noun

Related words and phrases

быть [byt'] Verb
to be
рабо́та [ra-bó-ta] Noun
work, job
челове́к [chee-la-vyék] Noun
person, man, human being, individual
нет [nyet] Particle
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