Russian word of the day: Дразнить

Aug 09, 2018



Verb , imperfective

Perfective - подразни́ть

to tease, to mock

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  • Не дразни́ соба́ку.

    nye draz-née sa-bá-ku

    Do not tease the dog.

  • Заче́м ты дра́знишь брата?

    za-chyém ty dráz-neesh' brá-ta

    Why are you mocking/teasing your brother?

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Related words and phrases

самоу́чка [sa-ma-úch-ka] Noun , masculine or feminine
self-taught person
отстава́ть [at-sta-vát'] Verb
to lag behind, to be behind
копа́ться [ka-pá-tsa] Verb
to dig; to probe; to dawdle
плести́сь [plees-tées'] Verb
to drag oneself along, to trudge
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